Grade 6

British Columbia

Home is Where the Heart Is

In my home, I live with my Mom, Dad, sister and myself.
I love my family a lot. We do traditions together every year, the regular turkey on Thanksgiving and stuff, but on Christmas we eat chicken, it is a japanese tradition.
We also open our presents on Christmas Eve.

Furniture is really important in a home.
The basic things you need are :a couch, a bed , tables, chairs, and a bookshelf.
The couch and bookshelf would usually go in the living room, the tables and chairs would go in the kitchen, or dining room, and the bed would go in your bedroom.

The most important things in a home are the memories inside them like when you were a baby, you can’t remember walking for the first time but nowadays, there are pictures and videos so you can remember from those! They’re called a fake memory.
When friends come over it is the best!.

There are many types of houses people want as homes, such as: modern, cabin, apartment, cottage, hut, and many more!

Definition, “A house, apartment, or any other shelter that is the usual resident of a person, family, or household.”