Grade 4



Home is a place where when you leave you know you’ll come back. You always know a door is opened even when it’s locked. When I walk through the door a big rush of faith and joy comes through me. To some people home is where you can express your feelings. To others it is not the building, it’s the people inside. To me it’s not what shape or size you are you are welcome. Home is where your heart is.

Imagine you were experiencing homelessness.
You woke up on a frosty ice cold bench.
As if the weight of the world was on your back.
Even though they were whispering you could still hear them “it’s a homeless person EWW!”
When you hear a homeless person you’d always have flashbacks of every single time they’d call you that even as a kid.
But you don’t want to hurt them you still want a friend you slowly stretch and approach them.
But they walk away and sit on your bench.
You want to yell you want to scream but you cant your homeless.

When I was little i didn’t feel safe at home so i usually ran to my room and made lego piggy banks and stuff I remember easter egg hunts and unwrapping presents and the ear piercing scream of my mom when there was a mouse in our backyard so she had to get a broom and smoosh it. And when I had to grab a chocolate from under the deck (there was a wasp hive there.)
I have many memories but if you were homeless would you?

This competition is a plan to help but there are many other places that help like Inn From The Cold who supports children and families. The Mustard Seed who supports adults. I think little things make a big impact like if you just give someone panhandling a simple smile then they will have more faith to do better things.