Grade 5

1722 St. Bernard Street Gloucester K1T 1K8

Home is Where the Heart Is

Home is a meaningful thing in so many different ways. It is a place that keeps the rain from coming down on me and a shelter when needed during a thunderstorm. It is a place where I can either keep cool or warm depending on the weather. It is a place where I can sleep with silence and peace. With some animals in my house, family, food and so many other things, it all comes into one. Which is being in a safe, supporting and loving environment that I call home.

With plenty of things to do, it isn’t always that way with other families in homes. Being able to have access to food in the fridge or blankets to keep all of us warm, is something that I am absolutely grateful and thankful for. I think everyone should have a warm place to call home.

Having an opportunity to live in a place where I can access the things I need and love is the most important part of having a home at all. Home means every single thing to me that makes my heart warm, and just as I said, home is where the heart lives.