Grade 4

Upper Rawdon
Nova Scotia

Home Is Where The Heart Is

What is home to me you ask ? Home to me is about where you live if you don’t have a home your home is where you are at. Did you ever hear this “Home is where the heart is”

My home is about activities. We do activities almost all day. We play Musical chairs and the first one to talk and so on but we never yell at each other for no reason my home is good.My home is all about safety. My dad would usually go around the house and make us look for things that look wrong and fix it .

Sometimes my mom would be baking and you could smell it and you would know that my mom’s home or sometimes I would smell bacon and I would know dad’s home. Sometimes my mom would smell my peppermint shampoo and know I’m home. We would all know that my brother was home because he would be groaning because he lost on his game.

So yeah that’s what my home means to me. I would like to know what home means to you, even if you don’t have one.