Grade 4

Grande Prairie

Home is where the heart is

Home is a place to make memories like sitting on the couch warm and cozy with your family. Home is where you can have shelter and sleep in a safe place and you can make lovely memories with the ones you love most and have fun. Home is where you can feel sad, happy, mad, joyful.
When your hurt you will have a shelter that will protect you from the dangers outside in the cold. Sitting by fireplace beside your family playing games warming up from being outside feeling safe on the couch near the fireplace with the people you love feeling they’re warmth.
Playing games with your family warming up from being outside sitting by your family feeling safe inside your cozy home. You have pillows and blankets all cozy sitting on the couch covered with a blanket laying on a comfy pillow watching tv with your family. Making lots of memories like baking cookies.