Grade 5


Home Is Where The Heart Is

One day a young Jack woke up from his comfy bed with a start to busy movers and a noisy moving truck waiting outside. His parents told him that they were separating and he wouldn’t see one of them as often anymore. It was really painful for Jack to decide which parent to live with because he loved them both, but in different ways. He chose one and broke the heart of the other.
Jack watched his house slowly go by as his mom drove away. Tears welled up in his eyes and he quietly cried. The pain was incredible. His new home would be with his mom and he wouldn’t see his dad again. Sure they reassured him that he would see him for some holidays, but he knew that he would never really have the security of seeing his dad every day, every week, every month like he really needed. He played sports with his dad and went everywhere with him on the weekends. He missed his dad’s stories each night, which always ended with hugs and kisses. He was hurt and depressed when he thought about the changes.
Jack chose his mom because she helped him learn in and out of school and did all the simple things people took for granted. She hugged, kissed and reassured him each day.
Sure Jack missed his house. He knew every part of that house. All the great hiding spots where he played hide and seek with his mom and she hid his presents.
He thought long and hard about the changes in his life. He decided that change is sometimes scary but if everyone is happy, then home is where the heart is and his heart will always be with his parents, wherever they may be.