Grade 6


Home is Where the Heart is

Home. One word that has so much meaning. If you take down all of the decorations and put away all of the objects inside, it’s the same as anyone else’s. “Home” is a place where you should feel safe. You can be yourself without anyone else’s opinion. A space to be you and have fun. When you are home, there is no reason to be afraid. There are people you trust and people that care about you. A home doesn’t have to have four walls and a roof. “Home” is an area you can forget about the world outside and relax. Where people can come together to celebrate their similarities and differences. To be proud of who they are. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy, just wherever you feel comfortable. “Home is where the heart is.” This simple phrase is really all there is to the place we call “Home.” No matter if you are rich or poor, no matter what you look like, everyone has somewhere they think of as “Home,” even if they don’t realize it.