Grade 5


Home Is Where The Heart Is

Every morning I wake up in a bed and eat breakfast. I get to go to school and get an education, I’m very fortunate for all of this, many people wake up only to find themselves on a hard floor, and they think back and try to remember the time that they were waking up just like I do, I can’t even visualize myself living like that just the thought brings tears to my green eyes, having to flee from my home and my friends. These things some people can only dream about some of the things that I get, I get to go to school I get three meals a day when the homeless start to lose their speech and are fortuitous to find one meal or maybe even two. But the real meaning of a home is a place to be comfortable is a place to relax and have fun, a home is a place full of old memories and new memories to come. A place where you are not judged. A place that you aren’t laughed at, but you are laughed with. Somewhere to feel safe. Where I live I have money to spend, but the homeless are advantageous to have just enough to buy a cup of coffee for just a few dollars, while I can buy sweaters for over fifty dollars. I take many things for granted But others Would be so overjoyed if they could have at least one of the things that I have and That is the true meaning of home.