Grade 5

Nova Scotia

Home is Where the Heart Is

When the foundations were built, and the pipes were installed, we knew it would be a home.
When the walls were put in, and the floors were installed, we knew it would be a shelter.
When the furniture was put in, and the electricity was turned on, we knew it would have memories.

I’ve made so many memories growing up.
The times I got hurt, or just had too much fun.
The times when I got scolded for being bad, or rewarded for being good.

Every time I wake up, I see the sun rise.
I see my loving family say hello.
I see my loving pets, eating, sleeping, and playing.

The heat keeps me warm.
And my family helps me keep my cool.

I have a place to go after a long day of school.
I have a place to go if I’m hurt or injured.
I have a place to go when I’ve had enough.
I have a family to go to when I’m in need.

It’s not just some foundations.
It’s not just some bricks.
It’s not just walls and floors.
It’s not just a big box with a roof.
It’s home, and it’s mine.

It’s not the nice decorations that make my home oh-so beautiful.
It’s what’s inside, the heart, my family.
My home is mine and it’s the way I like it.

Everybody needs a home.
A place to go.
A place to eat, and drink all they want.
A place to play, and make memories.
A place to bathe, and sleep.
Everybody should have a home, nobody left behind!

Home is where the heart is.
Home is where my family is.
Home is where I live.
I like my home.
Let’s help everybody have one.