Grade 5

St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador

Home is where the hart is :)

Home,home is explainable home is love home is family home is where you have family supers and delicious food that your mom makes. And cousins come over for birthday parties home is where you make memories that you treasure with you always and forever.Home is where you have holidays. Home is where you invite your friends over and share secrets and play games . And pant some mugs home is a place where you feel happy,sad,anger,and sick when I have a bad day i snuggle my cat and talk to my sister. Home is when you never feel alone but you might be homesick. Home Is where you get bumps and bruises and your cat or dog licks the hurt away and mommy gives you a kiss and says its okay .Home is LOVE home is sharing your Halloween candy with your siblings . and dad gives you hugs and kisses before bed . you might have bad days but its a place to stay and mom might say don’t grow up wean your leaving for a new house and a fresh start even if your just in her hart. HOME,