Grade 4


Home is Where the Fun Is

Home is the place where we all feel special,
And the love we find is such a bright speckle.
Though we might fight and maybe get hurt,
The love and care we have will never avert.

Every day when I come home from school,
I see my dogs waiting for me, their mouths full of drool.
They jump with joy and bark away,
So much so they don’t stop until the very next day.
The cat is sleeping all through the night,
And wakes me up with the morning light.

In my home we have a wall full of family pictures,
Where I have recorded memories with my two sisters.
When I look up there, I see nothing but love and fun,
And great people that will always care for everyone.

Every day my family spends time together as we cook,
Laughing, helping, and singing away the time that it took.
And when we’re done eating, we like to go outside,
And enjoy each other’s company as we stare at the stary sky.

We love to have fun,
And we don’t stop until we are done.
I hope this poem helps someone find a home,
Instead of being on the streets, forced to roam.