Grade 5

Victoria, BC
British Columbia

Home Is Where My Loved Ones Are

Home is like an emotion.

It feels like a warm hug by people who love you,

And smells like pancakes on a Saturday morning.

Even if we’re traveling the highway in a car,

Camping in a tent watching the planets and stars,

Or maybe in an apartment on the 23rd floor,

I am still home.

I feel loved and safe at home.

It makes me feel like I could touch the stars, or walk across the ocean.

It’s where memories are made, and old ones are remembered.

Even if you speak another language,

Or come from a different country,

Or if you’re in a wheelchair,

Or have two moms and two dads,

You should be loved at home.

You should feel safe and protected at home.

You should have happy memories,

Like soaring on a swing and feeling like you could fly,

Or running and feeling like you’re as fast as the wind.

Everyone should have a home.