Grade 5


Home is where my heart lives.

My home
Is where my heart lives,
All of us are attached to it,
No matter what gives.

This is the place
Where my memories stick on tight,
Where a feeling of happiness
Always stays in our sight.

Life does go in
And out the door,
But we always stay strong,
Let it be today or before.

If one is in doubt or troubled,
We come for support,
Even if the situation is beyond our control,
We won’t give up and go abort.

Morals and values
In my home are not mysteries,
This is the place where
I gradually create history.

Everyone deserves
A home like mine,
Pure, divine,
So their heart can shine.

The oeuvre of this poem
Is that I feel blessed,
To have a place where
I can truly be the best.

Some people don’t have
A home to stay,
Bearing all the troubles
Which are not getting away.

Habitat for Humanity and other beneficences
Are making some differences,
Asking for our bit by writing a poem/paragraph,
and breaking the indifference.