Grade 5

Newfoundland and Labrador

Home Is Where My Heart Lives

Home is Where My Heart Lives

Home is not just a place where you renovate and rebuild,
it’s a place where laughter travels and memories are made.
Home is also a place where you can run and be wild.
At home you relax and sleep.
You can be you at home.
When I step inside my home,
I feel like I’m entering my own world.
Home is where my heart lives!

Home is where I sleep and wake,
Home is where I eat and paint.

Home is my safe place,
Home is also my happy place,
I am lucky to have a home of my own,
I want to make people happy by giving them a home.
I believe that everyone should have a home

I keep warm in my home.
I am loved in my home.
I have a home like no one else’s.
I love my home.
Home is my happy place.