Grade 5


Home is Where My Heart Is

When I asked what home meant to me, it was very hard to come up with an answer, because home is not just one thing. A home is lots of things. To me, a home is a place where I love and grow. It is also a place where I can rest after a tiring day at school. When I am sad, mad or happy, it is a place where I can express my feelings. I can also tell my family, my thoughts and ideas, because most importantly, home is wherever my family is. When I am at home, I am happy because the people who matter the most to me are never too far away. A home is more than a place. It is a feeling of joy that comes from being with the people I love. Home is a place where I belong and have no fears because I know that I always have the support that I need no matter what. My home is a place where I have had holidays, like Christmas. The main thing that makes my home special is that it is a place just for me and I would never trade it for anything.