Grade 5

Saint Andrews

Home is Where My Heart is

Home is many words. The first word is THANKFUL. I am very thankful and happy that I have a warm and cozy house to live in. All of my fears are locked outside of my secure home.

Whether I am in bed or looking out the window from time to time, I will think of those without a home and it leaves me with tears in my eyes It makes my heart drop like a rock and I feel so bad for every single person that does not have a home. It is so hard to think about it because I get so sad, and the reason I am writing this is to help those in need.

Home also means to me, a place where your secrets will stay and a place where you can have opinions of your own. Home means to me, a place where I have fresh drinking water and can eat and sleep-in peace. Home is where I feel apricated and loved and when I am sad my tears will slowly fade away with a long hug from my family

Now please, please, please with all my heart, help those in need of a home to create memories and joy to fill their hearts with love and most of all peace.