Grade 6


Home Is Where My Heart Is

It’s obvious people like home
It’s like a nice big dome
Home is safe and where I’m meant to be
I never give up easily!
Home is where my place
I also have my own space
Home is where the fireplace is,
Where you calm and relax with your uncles and nieces.
Even we were far away,
I always can think of home another day
When I think of home
I know I’m never alone.
Home is where when I am sad,
No matter if I’m good or bad.
Home is mostly filled with glee
And home makes me always feel happy
When friends and family come and play,
When they leave I know they will have a good day.
Winter or summer, autumn or spring,
Home is here, fun it will bring.
Home I won’t ever have a fear,
Because home will never disappear.
People who have less,
I hope they will get blessed.
Home is where everyone’s meant to be
I hope everyone has a lovely home like me!