Grade 4

Midville Branch
Nova Scotia

Home Is Where My Heart Is

Home is everything to me. It’s where you have family and memories. It’s where you feel safe, comfortable and loved. Having a home makes you feel good inside.
A home can be anything. For peas, it’s a pod and for squirrels, it’s a tree. I live on a farm with lots of animals. I like being outside when the wind is wild because when my hair blows in the wind and I close my eyes, I feel like I am free.
My home is special to me because my bed, my favorite teddy and other things are in it. In the garden, I like to play. When I want to go see my grandparents I can because they live across the road. Even if you think it is dirty or stinky because of the cows, it’s still my home and I will always love it.