Grade 5


Home Is Where My Heart Is…

Home is where all my friends gather around to have a sleepover.Home is where I like to spend time with my brother to build blocks.There is nowhere in the whole world I would rather be.When I’m sad, my family makes me glad.
No one should be out alone especially when it is -40 degrees celsius.They should be at home with a vent or heater with a cup of hot chocolate. It’s unimaginable to see lots of people without a home.
Laying on my bed with the walls painted blue. I look out at the stars. It is quite the view. Staying on my bed and thinking I wish everybody could have a cozy warm blanket and a safe place to live.
An idea popped into my head while laying on my bed…We have to join hands to find a place for people to live in to call a home. Whether it is a tent or a box to stay for the night. Every home is special to the person in a way.
Not just because that’s where you live, but because it holds something special in your heart.