Grade 6


Home is Where My Family Is

What makes my house a home is being with my family. As long as I’m with my family I always feel at home. Three things that make a house a home to me are being able to myself, always feeling comfortable and knowing your home is a place where you are listened to.

Something that makes me feel at home is being able to be myself without being judged. I like to try new things. Sometimes I will try some new foods but my family doesn’t judge me and say eww. For example, once I dipped some pizza crust in mango juice and it tasted good. I think that all families should be able to do things without being judged.

Another thing that makes a house a home is feeling comfortable. Once our lights went out for 5 hours. I’m afraid of the dark and my family knows that so they were comforting me. They made sure I didn’t feel scared. I was happy because my family was with me.

The last thing that makes a house a home to me is knowing your home is a place where you are listened to and respected. In my house, we may be family but we are not the same. We all have our own opinions and we all respect each other’s opinions. Like my sister likes apples but I do not. I respect her opinion and that’s something I think all families should do.

I am so thankful that I have a house and a roof over my head. I also know a lot of people don’t. I hope to help more people get a roof over their heads and a safe place to stay.