Grade 5


Home Is Where Love Lives

Home is my favourite place because I can see my family and play with my brother and friends. I am always safe with my family. Sometimes my family gets mad at me, but they still love me. At home I can learn with my family. I can teach them too. I love my family and they love me too. I always miss my family when I leave them. My family can help me when I get hurt. Home is where love lives.

At home I have fun in my life. My family makes me feel happy and makes me laugh. We do fun things together like play games and video games, watch movies, play soccer in the back yard and front yard and sometimes hockey too. I’m not alone because I can play with my friends and my family. My brother and I do lots of things together at home. Home is where love lives.

Home is where special memories are made. At my cousin’s home in B.C. they have turtles there that I carried across the street. I played Minecraft and watched you tube with my cousin. We went outside and saw the mountains from his back yard. We spend Christmases with Mom or Dad. These times in family homes have given me special memories. Home is where love lives.