Grade 5


Home is Where Love Is

When I turn the door knob into my house a great big smile appears across my face. I get greeted by my mom every time and I always know exactly what she is going to say. The feeling of home is truly great. I feel love and laughter all around. It is hard having to switch between my two houses but sometimes it can be nice. I have my three great dog’s and two gerbils at one house and my two sisters at the other. I love coming home to my dog’s wagging their tails and jumping on me giving me great big kisses on my face and there is no greater feeling than having my baby sister yelling “owi owi owi” as she tries to say my name. I am very grateful to have two wonderful places to call my home. At my mom’s, I get to be crazy weird Chloe where we have dance parties, play pranks on each other and be silly every day. I love that at night when my sister and I can’t sleep we play a little game where she throws down a stuffy to me and I have to throw it back up to her and we do this until we both fall asleep from laughter. I am lucky to have two houses but what makes them a home is the love within them. I would really like to give someone in need a great place to call home and have the same feelings I feel.