Grade 6

British Columbia

Home Is Where I’ll Be

At Home Is Where I’ll Be

Home is a place where in bed I lay with a
roof over my head
and somewhere I wake the next day

Home is a place I laugh cry and learn
and a place where I’m happy without a concern

But some homes are not as suitable
for a kid
some are in the war zone amid

All of these kids are just like you and me
But your excuse is that your busy on the tv

All of these kids have a place and a story
So don’t tun you back when you have your glory

And it not just the kids it’s the parents too
they’re trying their best as are you

So next time you see someone who is in need
Just think to your self what if it were me

More people need to care or at least just acknowledge
That they might not even get a chance at college

With writing this poem I want to pitch in
And help someone in need because that to me is a win

But if you need but can’t find me don’t worry I didn’t flee
Just think and you’ll know At Home Is Where I’ll Be