Grade 5


Home is where I

Home is where I laugh
I go giggle when I am sad and burst out laughing with joy

Home is where I grow
I grow taller, bigger and wider but I also grow wiser, more talented and more open hearted

Home is where I succeed
I practice and study really hard and in the end it pays off

Home is where I fail
I know I won’t ace every test, exam or quiz but I learn and grow from my errors

Home is where I learn
Complicated things about history and the past but also about the future and about myself

Home is where I enjoy myself
I play video games and watch TV but I also enjoy watching nature re and playing games outside

Home is where I cry
It might be sadness or I Might be hurt
It may be tears of joy or pride as well

Home is where I play
Board games and video games are fun but it might also be sports or outside

Home is where I rest
From school and when I am tired from hard work but also because I need a break and I am human

Home is where I think
About what to write for this poem, about if I should say no or yes or even what we should eat for supper

Home is where I eat
It may be cookies or cake, veables and fruit but I remember I am lucky to have food at all

Home is where I sleep
On my soft bed where I drift off in my wildest dreams but I remember I am lucky to have a bed to sleep on at all

Home is where I drink
I drink milk, water, juice and thirst quenching drinks but I remember I am lucky to have a drink at all

Home and is where I live
I will be born here, grow here and last of all I will die here but I will look back and realize how lucky I was