Grade 6


Home Is Where I Want to Be

My home is the one, the only,
It warms me in every way,
In it I’ll never be lonely,
And I’ll never be afraid.

It’ll always be there for me,
When I’m lost or when I’m cold,
To my house I will flee,
It’ll never grow old.

When it’s raining or when it’s snowing,
During sleet or during hail,
During wicked storms a-blowing,
My home will never fail.

When I’m troubled or when I’m sad,
I know where to go,
When I’m struggling or when I’m mad,
My home I’ll always know.

When I’m sick or when I’m hurting,
I thank the Lord my God,
For giving me this wonderful blessing,
That I’m home and not abroad.

My home is special, one-of-a-kind,
That’s what it means to me,
Forever mine, forever mine,
Home is where I want to be.