Grade 6


Home is Where I Want to Be

Home, home is where I want to be, even though home is just a building I know that it’s the only place I want to be in these times. Home is a safe place where I can express myself and not be uncomfortable or nervous, it is a place where I can do stuff that I like.

My home is where I can go upstairs to the smell of food, sit at the table nice wooden table and eat the most delicious foods that my mom or dad make for me every night while laughing and making memories with my amazing family.

Home is where I play and have amazing times with my dogs, have the funniest times with my wonderful family and even play video games with my friends or even play sports or ride bikes with my absolutely spectacular friends.

This building that I call home is also where I sleep weather it’s on the couch, or it’s in my room on my comfy bed, it’s still the place I want to sleep, i’m assuming it’s where my family wants to sleep to, in their bed where they can feel safe.

Sometimes we don’t realize how lucky we are to have even just a hunk of bricks that we can eat, sleep, make memories in and just have wonderful peaceful times with almost anyone we want and call it my home.