Grade 5


Home Is Where I Belong

Home to me is safe. If I need something or if I need help all I have to do is call my mom or my dad and they will help me with whatever I need. I am safe because I sleep under a roof at night and sleep between the walls. My mom and dad keep me safe every day. I feel safe in my home because I am protected by the roof, the walls, and the warmth. I love my home because some people don’t have homes. So, I appreciate the home I have.

Home is where my family is. My mom, dad, me, and my two little brothers live under the same roof. When me or my brothers are sick or hurt my mom and dad take really good care of us. When my mom or dad is sick or hurt, we take care of them too. When my brothers get bullied at school, I’ll do something about it.

My home is full of memories. My home is really special because it is where I took my first steps, said my first word, did my first crawl and recognized my family. Home is special because home is where everything special happens. Home is where I can have play dates, sleep overs, slumber parties, and have FUN! Home is where I am surrounded by family that loves me. Homes come in all shapes and sizes. My home fits all my memories.