Grade 5


Home is where I am

Home is where I am.
When I think of home I think of a family.
Family is where you see the feeling of joy! The feeling of joy is like a blessing and a dream come true! The feeling of a dream come true is hearing and seeing children playing and laughing together with big happy smiles on their faces.
When I see homeless people on the street, I know that they have nothing to eat.
It’s sad to see people without homes on the street and they are dreaming of something to eat.
When I think about a home I think of open communication and trust between one another.
A wish is a perfect thought that comes to mind when you are thinking about a home. A home is a non perfect zone. It’s where the heart belongs . Home is a feeling of drinking hot chocolate and wearing warn socks. A home is where you reflect on what you’ve done weather it’s bad or good thoughts. Home is where I have happy memories!
Home is where your family supports you every step of the way. Home is where you go on a lovely journey.
Home is my comfort zone.