Grade 4


Home Is Where I Am Safe

Home Is Where I Am Safe

Home is where I feel safe
Home is where we treasure memories
Home is where we get tucked in every night
Home is where we fight and get along
Home is where we cheer when we get an A on a test
Home is where we cry in our mother’s arms

The magic of how grateful I am have a home is powerful
I feel comfortable when I walk into my lovely home
When I look up I see a roof and I feel contented
When I come home from school, dance, church I feel grateful for all I have

Home is where we sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate
Home is where we laugh and smile
Home is where we read our favorite book to the family
Home is where I make masses with my toys
Home is where I use my imagination
Home is where I be can be myself when I am lonely
Home is where we sit at the table and talk about our day

Every child needs a home and a mattress to sleep on, food in the cupboards, books to read at night, a mom to kiss goodnight, a dad to sleep with when you just can’t fall asleep.
I want every child and family to have a safe home like me.