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West Kelowna
British Columbia

Home is Where I am Loved

When I open the front door,
I see my painting hanging on the wall.
Then all my stuffed animals,
Many are quite small.

My drawings on the counter.
I see my mom, with fake plants all around her.
She welcomes me home,
And gives me cookie,
Then I head to my bedroom.
A place I can roam.

I take a fresh shower.
After I read for an hour.
I place my head,
On top of my soft bed.

I wake up to fresh food.
I get ready for school,
In an excellent mood.
At school, I talk to my friends,
While they chat about the new trends.

I arrive at home.
Me and my family play games,
And I watch our fireplaces flames.

Home is where I play.
Home is where I stay.
Home is where I sleep.
Home is where I am loved.