Grade 6

Richmond Hill

Home is where I am Happy

Home is where my family is happy
Home is where I feel welcome
I feel happy when I think of home
I know my family loves me for being me
My mom is there to comfort me
When I’m feeling unhappy
Home is where I feel safe
Knowing I’m safe I will always be glad I’m in a peaceful home

When I come home I see my dad
He shows me to be kind
When it’s dinner
I sit down with my family
And talk about everything that went on that day
Home is where my sister protects me
I know that I live in a joyful home.

Home is where I feel my best.
Home is my favourite place to be.
I feel calm and loved, When I’m at home.
Home is anywhere with my family
Whether it’s a house or on a far off land
Home is anywhere I feel safe.