Grade 5


Home is where heart is

When I see all those videos of kids in countries that have war going on really breaks my heart because their moms and dads are just being taken away and there is no explanation for that. What moves me even more are the advertisements from UNICEF and other such organizations that raise money to provide these kids with food and blankets. These are the questions that my mind wants to know the answers to: Will the donation put their broken houses back together? Will the donation bring their parents back? Will the donation bring them back their childhood or their mental health? No, because the donations are only meant for food and blankets.

Fortunately I’m not one of those kids and my heart is full of gratitude to God. So my perception of a perfect home is perfect because my home is an escape from all the drama and commotion I face at school. A place where I can feel all of my feelings in private.

My home is my heart. It’s a place where everyone will accept me for who I am. Where I don’t have to be judged for who I am. I don’t have everything I would want, but I do cherish all those moments with my sister and both of my parents. All of our fun family movie nights, when we all dance to Bollywood songs, lip sync to our favorite singers and play games with each other. I want so many more things in my life but a roof over my head, good health and my family are the important things in my life. I am blessed to have an adorable sister and both of my loving parents. This is all I want and it’s everything I dream of.