Grade 6

British Columbia

Home is Where Family is

Home might not always be where you live, it might be somewhere you go when you feel sad or just want to get in a better mood, home needs to be somewhere the soul can rest quietly. Family is almost always present in your home but not always in your house.

A home is built of four sturdy walls and a roof to protect you from outside danger and the sun beating down on you all day, the snow preventing you from having a good night sleep and hail stinging your skin. Home is somewhere you can feel free of all your fears. Home is a beautiful place but you might not live in it.

A home has basic necessities as a house may not. A home will always have food to eat and a bed to sleep in. But in a house you might not get enough food to eat or a bed to sleep in. A house can be yours but you might feel at home at a friend’s house.

A house is a structure as a home might be an open field where you can be by yourself and do what you want to. A house is lonely. Home may not always be a place but an object or animal that you love oh so much. Or it could be a building where you don’t live like the gym.

A house is a lonely place and a building that is where you live. A house is something you can touch. A house can be scary or it can have an eerie feeling to it. A house is quiet and plain for the people inside it.
Anyway, home is a lot different than a house. And some people are less fortunate than others and are still in need of a home to live in. So maybe you could help them by donating money to charities.