Grade 6


Home is what I love

I sometimes take my home for granted and forget that there are people that don’t have a home.

Home tastes like a good old spring roll. I have been eating spring rolls since I was in Vietnam and kindergarten. A thing I have been eating since I was in grade 1 is rice because I eat rice almost every day. If there is one day that I don’t eat rice then I feel like I am in a different house that is not home. A thing that I taste every day is pho (Vietnamese noodles). It is my favorite Vietnamese food.

My looks like the glistening sunlight filling in the darkness. Every morning I wake up to the sunlight shining into my room, and waking me up to a new day. Home also looks like my lovely mom or dad making me food. I see my mom making food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and I enjoy every bite. A thing I see every day is of course my family. they care for me, feed me, protect me, and love me and I love them.

My home is full of sounds but the one I love the most is when the pan is sizzling. Whenever my mom is cooking something it always tastes heavenly. A sound I also love is when the oven turns on. I love this sound because the food that my sister makes never ceases to impress.

That is all the things that make me feel at home.