Grade 5


Home is What I Love the Most

Home is where I cherish memories.
Where me and my family’s names stand tall.

The place where I forgive and forget.
The place I am most of all.

Laughing together, we watch a silly movie.
As we spread hope all around.

The light shines brightest when we are home together.
Although you may think a house and a home mean the same thing they don’t

A house is just a structure.
A home is what you make with family and friends.

When I walk through the door with a smile on my face I know that I am safe.
We are the heart of my home.Where I love and smile every day.

My friends and family gather around.
Laughing, joy hops around.

When I am home I have no worries on my mind.
Loving , kindness and hope in my heart.

When I hear my moms soft voice it makes my heart glow.
We gather around the table and play board games.Making happy memories that will stay with us forever.

It is where I stay warm as I sleep through the night.
Every pictures on the wall tells a different story.

As my parents watch me and my siblings grow.
Home is a safe place.

When I fall down there is always a hand to pick me back up.
Now remember this home is where the heart is.