Grade 4


Home is What I Love

Home Is What I Love

My home is a safe place
and the warmest of them all
Do you love your home?
And I promise it’s way better
than the mall
I love my home.

It’s magical magnificent
and way way more.
Home is special to me
My home is friendly
and it definitely won’t roar.

My home is the biggest
in the family by a lot
Do you love your home?

It’s way way way better
than a robot.
I love my home
It has all the needs
for the family and me.
Home is awesome
My home is kind of the queen bee

I love my home
I have all my adventures their
Do you love your home?
If everybody had a home
then it would fair
I love my home.
I promise I definitely wouldn’t whine or mourn
Home is special.
Because my home is a sweet home