Grade 6

British Columbia

Home is were my life is

Home is were I live, also where my mom and siblings live. Me and my family are happy there. When we walk in the door or when we go to sleep at night sometimes we may be frightened. When we are together we are the most happy. Sometimes we may get angry, sad or feeling like nothing is going right. We pick each other up and work together and think positive. When I look back at that, that’s when I know I’m home. When I think of home I think of the family dinners we’ve had and the memories we share in our every day lives. Although there is a pandemic we still Facetime a lot. I have movie nights with my mom and siblings even though they are sometimes annoying. Still, I can’t even imagine life without a family or home. Lots of people may not have a family at all. If that was me I would feel lost, scared and most of all I wouldn’t have a home because family is home to me.