Grade 5

Grande pointe

Home is TRULY where your heart is :)

When I think of what the word home means to me, I feel an instant sense of thankfulness, I automatically smile.
Home is where I can be completely free and playful.
To me a feeling of home comes from being comfortable, at peace, and a feeling of belonging. I know I am loved 100% no matter what I do. That makes me so happy and grateful. I have the most amazing dad, mom, brother and sister.
It’s crazy to think that when being asked what home means to me, I don’t even think about my physical home. I have one, and it’s nice, but I just think home is where your heart is. And that is with my family. I just feel like home when we are all together. I think about the people who live in it with me and love me with all their hearts. Everyone deserves that.

The empathetic side of me feels a slight sadness for children who have never truly felt “at home” anywhere. Maybe because they never really feel like they belong, possibly due to not having a genetic family, or just not being wanted. Or maybe they just can’t afford a place to call home.
My prayer for those children, every child, is that they feel “at home. “ and whatever path they choose to take, it will end with a physical dwelling and a space that looks like, feels like, what I’d call home.
Home truly is where your heart is.