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Lower Sackville
Nova Scotia

Home is to Me

Home is not a house or four walls.
Home is not a mansion with long halls.
Home is a place where I can be me with all my friends and family around me.
Being at home feels like the warm sun on my face.
Home is a place where I feel safe.
Home seems like such a simple place, but means more to me then that.
It gives me hope when I am sad,
It gives me hope when I am mad.
Home is such a small word, but the meaning is so much more.
Home is a place where I can do chores
When I am really bored.
When I need help, help is there.
When I need hope, hope is there.
When I am scared someone is there.
When I’m looking for something someone knows where.
Home is like a smile, you should never stop.
Home is like love, always in stock.
Everyone is welcome, everyone has fun.
The laughing is never over, the celebrations are never done!
When I’m sick someone cares for me, when I’m angry someone calms me.
That is home to me.