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Home is the World to Me

I love my home!I will be talking about some reasons what home means to me.I think that home is an amazing place and it means a lot to me.I have a lot of reasons why I love home.

The first reason why I love my home is because I can be whoever I want and never be judged. At school,(in person)I would get judged a bit and people would call me a snitch. At home, my parents never judge me and they always tell me to stand up for myself to the bullies.I learned from my lesson and always stand up for myself!

The second reason of what home means to me is that I feel safe and secure.Whenever we would go in public,I always get a little bit scared because there are a lot of people I don’t know and I feel insecure.At home, my whole entire family is there to protect me and I always feel relaxed.I never feel scared at home.

The third reason why I love home is because of all the memories.There has been some great, sweet and bad memories but we take advantage of the bad ones.One of the memories is when I had my first birthday party celebration at home when I was turning 9 years old.Another memory is when we got our precious puppy Zoey.I was so happy when I saw her and I held her in my arms.One of the bad memories is when a pipe bursted in our house and water flooded everywhere.Good thing we renovated and the flood went away!

These are my three reasons why I love my house.Now since the corona is going on,I get to stay home and love my home even more. If you are still unconvinced about your home, just think about all the love and memories that happened.