Grade 6

Nova Scotia

Home Is The Safest Place To Me

A home is a place where you can be loved by anyone
Where you can invite anybody.
You can enjoy time with your family.
Play games, eat food happily.

I’m grateful for having a home.
Having a safe place to stay and be loved and protected by my family,
Being free and safe is what home means to me.

Other people might not have a place to call home.
Making this poem is more than trying to win a prize,
It’s about helping other people that need a home.
Not having a home during these difficult times is depressing,
Having to sit outside in snow, rain or worse.

But you walk past them like they’re not there,
Your cold heart tells you to not care.
Everyone deserves a home from coast to coast,
Because sometimes the scars you can’t see hurt the most.

A home is a place where you can trust your family.
Where you have a family can rely on.

So if you have a home just remember to be grateful
Because homeless people will do anything for one.