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Home Is The Reason I’m Not Alone

Home Is The Reason I’m Not Alone

Home is the place to be when I feel alone.
Home is where my family is able to console me when I feel down.
Home is a comfortable place
where pictures of my family hang on the walls.

Home is where I grow and where my first teachers can be found.
Family is the glue that holds up the walls of my home.
I wish that other people who live in poverty
Would get to experience the warm, peaceful feelings of a bed to sleep in and a dining room to eat in.

When I take my first step inside my home after a cold winter day,
I feel the warm air brush on my face.

I can only hope that other people would feel the warm air blow on their faces too when they walk in their homes.
I feel delighted that people will get new homes from this contest because I love to help people.

The meaning of home for me is the warm air you feel inside,
the happiness and calmness I feel when I’m with my family
and the yummy smell of the food we make inside my home.