Grade 5

New Brunswick

Home is the Place

To me, home is a safe place where you can feel free to do anything. Home should be a place where all of your problems go away. For instance say something happened at school, and your on your way home. Your in the driveway and then you walk through the front door, and it seems as though all those feelings are gone.

Home is where you and your friends goof of and do things you shouldn’t. Even if it’s something little, it still makes a memory. Home is where you grow up. It may seem like just yesterday you got a new crib, and now you have a new car.

Home is where the best moments, the very best moments in life happen. It may be something like you laugh so hard milk comes out of your nose. Or maybe your new baby sister was born.

At home, you can turn on the night light without being laughed at. You can do anything you want.

To me, home can be anything, anywhere. For some people, home may be their best friend’s house. It could be your aunt’s it could even be school. It’s where you feel safe, happy and confortable. That’s how you know it’s home.