Grade 6


Home is the Place Where I Belong

My home is a place where I always belong
My house is made of bricks.
it also has a front and back door.
How about I count all the windows?
I have 10 windows in total 4 basement windows and 6 upstairs windows.

Also I have lived in different places.
I guess these are hometowns?
They include Toronto, Chatham-Kent and Windsor.
I have lived in different houses.
They include an apartment, duplex a really big house and a townhouse.

When I was young I had a bad home.
I know my home right now is the place among my feelings and my family.
The foundation is stronger among these people,
My brother, his wife, my niece and me
But as my feelings go on about my home I should also add my family of 4 will become 5 with the 5th one coming soon
just 8 more months.

Because I’m glad I have my home,
my home is the place where I belong.