Grade 6


Home is the place to be

Home, to me it’s the safest place. It’s where I hear the train go by and my cousins come to visit. Where I invite friends over and where my family has important dinners. Where I walk in the door of that house, my house beside my best friends, next to my new neighbor, I always see a smile. Home is where you feel relaxed, excited and loved, where you can be with family, where you feel warm even if it’s cold. That’s home

When I’m home in the winter and it’s a snow day and my brother and I go outside, I love when everything is white except our colorful snowsuits like paint on a blank canvas then I know I’m home. In the spring when I play in ditch and everything is wet like a spilled glass of water then I know I’m home. In the summer when I eat ice cream with my family and it’s way too hot like a pepper, then I know I’m home. In fall is where I belong, where my heart is, when I fly kites or jump in piles of leaves, where it’s cool but windy and the leaves fall down like butterflies taking off, then I know I’m home.

Home can be as quiet as a library or as loud as a zoo. Home is a place that fits into your heart, it’s your happy place. What’s not to love about a home or even just a house, it’s a place you spend time with loved ones. Where you learn new things and discover old ones, sometimes a home is just the one place you need. A home to me is all those things and much more. Home, to me it’s the safest place, and I will always love my home!