Grade 6


Home is the Place

Home is the place where I run in bare feet,
And whenever I’m there my heart feels complete.
Here I am held,
So very dearly,
It’s like my heart is a lock,
And my home is the key.

Home is a place where adventure awaits,
A place to watch movies, hug and hang skates.
Home is a place where everyone matters,
A place where love is found in very big clatters.

Every time the cold storms of winter bite like an asp,
My home holds the warmth of endless summer in its grasp.
Each day I am happy,
So I jump and I bounce,
And as I bound and play,
I enjoy every ounce.

Even in my home,
I sometimes feel sad,
For I wish that some others could be just as glad.
So that is why I’m writing this poem,
So I have a shot at giving others a home.