Grade 5


Home Is The People

Home Is The People
My house is a place my family can stay,
Also my house is a place I can be safe all day,

My home is also a place I can stay,
But it doesn’t need to be my house, it can be very far away,

My home has my family, love, laughter and fun,
And it won’t be my home with none,

Some people don’t have somewhere comfy to stay,
Living in the streets each and every day,
My home is my favorite place,
Where I have my own small or big space,

When I think of my home,
I don’t think of being alone,

I love my family in every way,
When I sleep I can’t wait to see them the very next day,

Even though me and my sister fight,
Me and her find a way to make things right,

There can be many things in a home,
And it doesn’t have to be tangible like a garden gnome,

In a home there could be non tangible things,
Like the affection between every beautiful queen and lovely king,

You know you got a home when you feel happy and you smile,
Home is the people and every home has a unique style.