Grade 6


Home is the Meaning of Life

Home is like a hockey game when everyone works together to be the best and you have to trust your teammates. My eyes fill with joy as I walk in the door, back from being away from home, to see my mom making home-cooked meals to fill my belly with warmth.
Home is the meaning of life.

Home is like a locket keeping all of the good things in and bad things out and keeping everything safe inside. The key is love, happiness and knowing that you are safe and filled with love. The walls keep us warm and tight by the fire wrapped up in a fuzzy blanked allowing us to get warm in no time.
Home is the meaning of life

The roof on top allows no rain or snow to get in from the outside. Windows let you see outside while the wind blows in to comfort the air we breathe. It’s not just a house it is the family members, that guide you and welcome you home from a hard-working day.
Home is the meaning of life.

Outside the angry sky roars with lightning and pouring rain but you know that you can come home to a warm dry house. Inside the fireplace seems to be calling my name as I walk in the door, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows on top warming you as it goes down your throat.
Home is the meaning of life.