Grade 4


Home is the Best Place to be

I love my home, it helps me.
My home is the best place to be.
My home gives me comfort.
I have my own bed,
A flight of stairs to go up,
To go down, and to paint my home red with love.

Home is where I like to play.
Home is where I like to stay.
I greet my home and when I go in,
it tells me “hi, how have you been?”
My home opens my bedroom door,
And I find out I have so much more.
I walk into my closet and
pretend to be a king.
My home looks board, So I invite him in.

Finally it’s dinner.
I go downstairs.
And when its bedtime,
I go to my comfy bed where I fall asleep.

My home has so much potential.
It is very essential.
I love my home, and it loves me.
It is a part of my family.