Grade 6

Fort Saskatchewan

Home is the Best Place to Be

Home means family, a family to love you
a place that’s cozy comfortable and relaxing
where we bond happily

At are home we make memories, hopes, and dreams happen
Bonding with friends and family
I am so grateful to stay in a home that a safe
When I think of home I think of
growing as a family
growing with friends
that’s makes me the person I am today
Not being alone by myself
I feel confident in my home with my family and friends

Some people don’t have anywhere to stay its very sad I say
So i think of all the best i’ll try to say
I hope they have a nice home to stay in one day.
We should all try to make a change and help the ones that are in need

We welcome any friend or family to stay in are home
As long as mom’s kitchen is clean and it will stay
We live in a happy healthy home
but we do haves our ups and downs once in awhile

Home is a place to be yourself there’s no one to judge you, in your home there is freedom