Grade 5


Home is the Best Place to Be

Home is the place of safety love and comfort

Home is like a shield that protects you.

Where you can live and thrive

To spend time with our loved ones.

To have the warmth the light to keep us positive

Home is the place we go if we are sad

So I can lay in bed .

Home is the place we go if we are happy

What we do there is what makes it a home.

We make the home ours by putting up pictures, and things on the shelves

We make the home a place where we could express ourselves in peace.

We are the final piece to make a home

We all love our home. It is our fortress

I love my home because I am surrounded with loved ones

Who care and love me.

And I love them they are the sun that comes after it rains

My home is a warm blanket that hugs me.

I love my home and I think everyone should have one.